Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lofty Goals

I'm kindof obsessed with Smallville. I never watched it when it was on before (now in its 8th season) but after watching 5 seasons in 2 months, I am almost caught up on the action. Cliff doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning to rent the 6th season this weekend and watch it nonstop. I've got Monday off for President's Day, so it's a Smallville marathon day for me. We (ok, just me) bought seasons 2-4 on Amazon used. Let me just tell you, this is the best way to watch episodes of television. First of all, they were cheap. And after I watched them once, we were able to sell them on Amazon. Somebody just as crazy as me bought the set, that's right, bought Seasons 2-4 as a package deal from us. I do have to say that Cliff was the one who listed them on Amazon and took care of the mailing for me. He also sold 3 or 4 used video games on Amazon. Anyway, back to Smallville. My goal is to catch up to the current season. That means I have to watch Season's 6 and 7 before season 8 is over. Some people dream of wealth and fame, I dream of watching all 8 Smallville seasons in 4 months. Good Times.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I really do like Valentine's Day. I sure hope I do anyway...I spent over 3 hours last night baking cookies (peanut butter with hershey's kiss) for my students. I also really like sending cute cards to my family and friends. And I especially like the Valentine goodies my mom always sends me.

But Cliff and I for the past few years haven't done any more than a card for each other. I think we both agree that we would rather be nice to each other and do nice things for each other year round and not reserve them for one day per year. Plus...we are cheap and don't want to spend the money.

We love you and hope that you will all be our Valentine!

P.S. Please take a few moments and look at the freakin' adorable picture of Laken on the right. Seriously.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Television Junkies

We have a very full TV viewing schedule this time of the year. Well, I have a full schedule year round, but especially during American Idol Season, Cliff watches with me.

7pm on NBC - Chuck - tonight in 3D!

7pm on FOX - American Idol

7pm on FOX - American Idol

7pm on CW - Smallville
8pm on ABC - Grey's Anatomy
9pm on ABC - Private Practice

Thursday nights are really my nights. Laken and I curl up on the couch and settle in for the duration.