Monday, May 11, 2009

I know, I'm a slacker

I know it's been February since my last post. I'm sorry, I've been busy! Do you really think Cliff is going to update this thing. PLEASE! Here are a few updates:

We dogsitted Kevin and Blair's puppy, Hogan (we call him Hogie)and he and Laken became fast friends, even spooning on the couch.

I went home for my sister's first Wedding shower and got to see my fam and my adorable neice, Mary Logan. She was chillaxin in the car wearing her shades. At one point we were all jamming to some tunes in the car and I turned around and she was raising the roof. I have never been more proud.

You know how addicted I am to TV, well one of the shows that Cliff and I watch is Chuck on NBC. It is HILARIOUS. Cliff tells me that it may not return next season because no one apparently besides me and Cliff watch it. But seriously, go to and watch the episodes for free. It's worth your time.