Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grad School...

So I have officially applied for graduate school. I have a few loose ends to tie up, but the application has been submitted, letters of recommendation sent, transcripts requested. Now I'm studying to take the Miller Analogies Test. Boo. Analogies are not cool. I'll give you a few to ponder. I'll give you an easy one to start with.

1. REPULSIVE : VILE :: COMPLACENT : (a. smug, b. bilious, c. pleasant, d. anxious)

2. NORTH AMERICA : SOUTH AMERICA :: (a. Rockies, b. states, c. prairies, d. borders) : PAMPAS

3. CHRISTOPHER WREN : (a. Windsor Castle, b. St. Paul's Cathedral, c. Tower Bridge, d. Crystal Palace) :: INIGO JONES : THE QUEEN'S HOUSE

Yes, the test is 120 of these and 60 minutes to answer. Seriously.


1. Repulsive and vile are synonymous, as are complacent and smug

2. The grasslands of North America are known as prairies, and those of South America are known as pampas. (Yes they expect you to know this.)

3. Christopher Wren was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral; Inigo Jones designed The Queen's House. (Yes, they expect you to know this too.)

As you can see, you have to be a trivial pursuit champion to do well on this test. That I am not. :(